Monday, April 18, 2011

Fastcase for the Law Library by Eric Ballinger

David Cannon, Jr. is working to get Fastcase terminals located in the Cherokee County Law Library. As you may know, the Lexis and Westlaw terminal that we have are quite expensive and are a considerable drain on the law library's budget. In the past David attempted to work with Casemaker, the Bar's prior legal research provider and was met with a poor response.

In January of this year, the Bar began its contract with Fastcase as the legal research provider to the membership. Fast case is an improvement over Casemaker and rivals their more expensive competitors in the service provided.

David made contact with the representative at Fastcase and got an immediate response. They offered to allow the Law Library to have Fastcase terminals for $800 per year for the first terminal and $400 for each additional terminal. That is a great savings, but it gets better. The more counties that sign up to use Fastcase the more they will reduce the cost of the initial terminal, even as low as $500.

David presented this information at the end of the last Board of Governor's meeting and it was met with a good response from Bar leaders across the state, especially in those counties with very few funds to provide the materials for a law library as mandated by law.

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