Saturday, June 4, 2011

Annual Meeting

Ken Shigley took over as the 49th President of the State Bar of Georgia and made his oping address at the meeting on June 4, 2011. Drawing on his broad experience as a former small town sole practitioner as well as his experience as a prosecutor, insurance defense lawyer and trial lawyer, Ken is looking toward the future of the Courts and the place that the Bar will have. He is establishing a commission on the future of the courts and wants to insitite a Federal style electric filing system in all 159 counties in Georgia. He also is dedicated to the small practicing lawyer and is establishing a committee on "Main Street" lawyers.

At the meeting, the Board approved a budget that cuts expenses of the State Bar by $4.00 per member following the $2.00 per member dues increase. The State bar will be further looking to cut expenses, to include the huge sums it pays in postage. The Board also elected four members to the at large seats on the Executive Committee. They are David Lipscomb for Lawrenceville, Bob Kauffman from Douglasville and Brian "Buck" Rogers from Atlanta. Rita Sheffey from Atlanta was elected to fill the unexpired term of Patrice Perkins Hooker who was elected Secretary

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